September 26, 2023

Where to Buy JASMY Coin

The Ethereum-based “JASMY” token powers Jasmy, a company that creates platforms for the Internet of Things.

Jasmy Coin proposes to decentralize the process by using edge computing and IPFS, a decentralized storage network, in place of coordinating networks of devices and data through centralized servers. A token exchange between devices and payment for network services are both possible with JASMY. In this article, we will discuss the detailed study of Jasmy coin and where to buy jasmy coin.

What is the acronym JASMY?

IoT platform Jasmy (JASMY) intends to create the infrastructure necessary for everyone to use data in a secure and safe manner.

The internet of things (IoT) is a collection of web-connected gadgets that can exchange data wirelessly without human involvement.

The Jasmy platform aims to give each users back control over their data so they may utilize it safely and securely.

In order to accomplish this, the platform has combined blockchain and internet of things (IoT) technology to produce a platform solution for users across industries and the globe.

IoT sensor data is crucial for businesses that provide customers and clients with high-value services since IoT device data collection volume increases daily.

However, there are several difficulties associated with IoT use. In exchange for services, individual consumers trade personal data with businesses through smartphones or IoT devices.

As a result, if individuals give their personal information to companies without thinking, they may feel uneasy that their activity is being observed, have questions about the purpose of the data’s use, and worry about privacy invasion.

Users may develop privacy worries as a result of this.

Why is Jasmy a special coin?

Jasmy offers several solutions, including:

  • Ensuring the security of data sharing:

    Jasmy offers encryption depending on machine type from the hardware level, acting as a second layer of data security protection. Traditional blockchain technology is used to ensure data security during the development of IoT. The platform seeks to prioritize the security of ongoing control over all data about a person (such as IDs, application logs, and IoT device data) while enabling businesses to utilize data in a variety of ways (after being approved by the users).

  • Building a “place” that adds value:

    The platform intends to add value by creating a democratic decision-making environment in a decentralized society, as opposed to having decisions made by a central authority.

  • Fostering creativity:

    The Jasmy platform seeks to establish a setting where all sizes of businesses, organizations, and people may use the platform’s data to foster innovation and produce fresh value for the future.

Background of Jasmy (JASMY)

On October 26, 2021, JASMY went live on the BITPoint Japan exchange in Japan.

Representative director Kunitake Ando, president and CEO Kazumasa Sato, vice president and chief technology officer Masanobu Yoshida, and Hiroshi Harada make up the Jasmy team (CFO).

Jasmy coin: How Is It Made?

For sharing their data and information, Jasmy IoT gadget users are rewarded with JasmyCoin tokens.

Manufacturers provide Jasmy coin rewards as a way of thanking users for providing their data.

Jasmy coin does not have a staking facility, which has reduced the amount of the token in circulation and the number of holders.

The business is currently creating a staking system for JasmyCoin.

Where to buy Jasmy Coin

There are many alternatives available to you when purchasing cryptocurrency.

Thankfully, you may purchase Jasmy using the Coinbase app everywhere Coinbase is accessible.

It is swift, simple, and secure.

Here’s how you can purchase Jasmy using the Coinbase app.

  • Make a coinbase account first.

Install the Coinbase app, then begin the registration procedure. To transact, you will need a valid ID, and you might also be asked for evidence of your address, so be prepared with both. Depending on where you reside, verifying your ID can require more time than a few minutes.

  • Include a payment option

Connect a payment method by tapping the payment method box. You can start a wire, use a debit card, or utilize your bank account.

  • Open a position

Select “Buy” from the list of choices by pressing.

  • From the list of assets, pick Jasmy.

Enter “Jasmy” into the search box to look for Jasmy. Tap Jasmy to access the buy screen when you find her in the search results.

  • Enter the quantity you wish to purchase.

Enter the desired amount in your native currency using the number pad. That will be immediately converted to a Jasmy amount by the app.

  • Complete the transaction.

When ready, select “Preview buy.” The details of your purchase will be display. Verify everything is in order before finalizing your transaction. You’ve successfully purchased Jasmy.

Some frequently asked questions on Jasmy Coin

  • What was JasmyCoin’s highest price?

On February 16, 2021, JasmyCoin reached an all-time high of $4.79. (over 1 year).

  • What was Jasmy coin’s lowest price?

On June 18, 2022, JasmyCoin reached an all-time low of $0.008189172244. (about 2 months).

  • What was the Jasmy coin trade volume over a 24-hour period?

Jasmy coin had an $89,134,963 trading volume over the course of a day.

  • Jasmy coin: What does it do?

The Jasmy platform is a project that enables consumers to control the usage of their own personal data in a “data locker” and share that data with businesses that are willing to pay for it. Therefore Jasmy coin (JASMY) is a utility token base on the Ethereum blockchain that can be use on the platform.

  • What’s going on with the Jasmy coin?

In order for everyone to use their data safely and securely, the Jasmy platform, a data management system, promises to “regain data sovereignty for each individual.”

The pricing history of the JASMY token has been extremely erratic. As of July 15, 2022, the token has lost more than 88 percent of its value.

  • When did Jasmy currency have its start?

Following its debut in October 2021, the Jasmy coin saw rapid growth, reaching an all-time high of $4.29 by mid-February 2021 after being made available for trade on the main exchange platform, GAT.

  • Has JASMY been given a future? predicts that the value of JASMY will start at $0.012 in August 2022 and increase to an average of $0.019 in 2023, $0.029 in 2024, and $0.043 in 2025. The website predicts a maximum JASMY price of $0.40 for 2031.

  • Can Jasmy coin be bought on the Binance?

However, there are two ways to buy JASMY on the Binance cryptocurrency exchange. The first option is to purchase JASMY using a credit or debit card that accepts a variety of fiat currencies, such as USD and EUR. Visit the [Buy Crypto with Debit/Credit Card] page on Binance, choose the currency you wish to use for payment, and select JASMY in the area at the bottom.

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