September 24, 2023
WazirX app

What Is WazirX App? How Does It Works? Know Complete Knowledge Here!

Today in this post we will know what is Wazirx App. How WazirX works and how to create an account on the WazirX app, in which post today all your doubts related to WazirX will be cleared.

You must have heard somewhere that money is also earned from Wazirx App, only then you will start researching about Wazirx App, what is Wazirx App and how to earn money from Wazirx App, how to use Wazirx App, friends WazirX is used to buying and selling. sell cryptocurrency and many online digital transactions.

What Is WazirX App? How does it work?

You must have heard about your cryptocurrency, it is expected that in today’s time, 75% of people know about cryptocurrency and you too must have definitely known about cryptocurrency, only then you searched what is WazirX if you are interested in cryptocurrency If you do not know about then we tell you that cryptocurrency is digital which is used in online transition.

If you still don’t know what is cryptography this is the best example your vision is about you then you must listen to what is your vision there is no one who doesn’t know about anyone. If you want to know what is cryptocurrency, then by reading the post below completely, we tell you what is cryptocurrency and how it is seen.

Where is the need for WazirX in cryptocurrency? Friends, whenever we go to buy any digital cryptocurrency, we need an exchange and in today’s time there are many such exchanges available in the market from where we can buy cryptocurrency, but the trusted exchange is very less because some exchanges are like this. Those which get closed within a few days, some exchanges are such that they run away with fraud, and our money gets drowned.

So whenever we go to buy cryptocurrency, we should choose only a trusted exchange, the most popular exchanges are only two, if we talk about India, the most popular exchange in India is WazirX and if we talk about the whole world, then Binance is the whole The world is Hai WazirX comes in second.

What Is WazirX App?

WazirX app

WazirX is a popular crypto exchange in India that helps to buy and sell cryptocurrencies WazirX founder Nischal Shetty launched in the year 2017 and within 2 years the WazirX app had 1000000 users in 2022, WazirX has more than 10 million downloads and has rating of 4.1 on the Play Store. The reason why WazirX is so popular is that it has P2P person-to-person or peer-to-peer payments.

How To Download WazirX App?

Follow the steps given below to download the WazirX app

  • First of all, you have to open your play store then you have to write WazirX in the search box.
  • After this WazirX application will appear in front of you from where you can install this app
  • If you do not want to download from Play Store, then open your Chrome browser and type WazirX in the Google search box.
  • After this, the official website of WazirX will come in front of you from where you can download the WazirX app.

How To Make an Account In WazirX?

To create an account on WazirX, follow all the steps given below properly, you will get the WazirX account.

  • First of all, you have to open your WazirX app after that you have to sign up for your WazirX app
  • You have to enter your Gmail ID, you have to enter a strong password, and after that, you have to confirm your password again.
  • You can also enter the referral code here if a friend referred you to this app, otherwise, you can leave it blank.
  • After this, you have to accept the term and conditions and click on the signup button.
  • After this, a mail will be sent to your email id, where you will be able to verify your email id by clicking on it.
  • After this your WazirX will open then you have to secure your WazirX app
  • To secure your Wazir X app, you need to enable One-Step Verification and enable 2-Factor Authentication.
  • You can turn on 2-factor authentication in mobile sms in 2 ways. via the Google Authenticator app
  • The easiest and best way is Mobile SMS 2 Factor Authentication
  • You have to file your mobile number and after that, you have to do the next, your two-factor authentication will be enabled, whenever you chrome your account, an OTP will be sent to your mobile number, so that you will chrome in your WazirX app. Your WazirX Will Be Secure Too

How To Do KYC In WazirX?

You have already created an account in your WazirX app, but you have not yet completed the KYC of your WazirX account, so you can buy and sell cryptocurrency in WazirX, but you cannot do p2p, so you need to open your WazirX app needs to be verified. KYC is very important

  • You need to click on your account icon to complete your KYC
  • After that click on the Complete KYC option, you will be taken to the next page where you have to fill in your information
  • There it asks for some information like the name on the birth certificate and pin code
  • After this, to upload your PAN card number and its picture, you will upload your PAN card number and its picture there.
  • After that, you will be given document information from which you can select your aadhaar card there
  • After this, you can upload your aadhar card picture and upload your own picture
  • After that, I am giving you my full details
  • 24 to 48 hours time to complete your KYC does not seem like your KYC will be completed even before failing in 24 to 48 hours because it has been seen in many cases that a reply is done even within 1 hour.

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How To Use WazirX App?

So let us now know how to use the WazirX app and what are its features, how you can use all these features, how to deposit money in the WazirX app, and how to buy and sell cryptocurrency It will be known very easily. in words

  • If you want to buy cryptocurrency in the WazirX app then you have to first deposit your amount in the WazirX app
  • You also get many ways to deposit money in WazirX apps like UPI Net banking and P2P you can deposit your money in WazirX app
  • After that select whatever cryptocurrency you want to buy and then enter the amount you want to buy that cryptocurrency and click on the buy button.
  • Your cryptocurrency will be added to your wallet, whenever you want to sell your cryptocurrency for a good price.
  • If you want to sell your cryptocurrency at a target then you can also set a target in the WazirX app, whenever that cryptocurrency crosses that target your cryptocurrency will be sold automatically.
  • Whenever you withdraw from the WazirX app, you can easily withdraw to your bank account, you will not have any problem withdrawing.

Apart from this, you can do more crypto-related work in WazirX, such as you can see the chart of any cryptocurrency, which crypto coin is giving you a good account, you can do all work related to the cryptocurrency from Wazir X Exchange. Order detail history everything you will see in it when you have placed which coin order everything you can see live in your WazirX app.


So friends, in this way you can use Wazirx App friends if you have given us the information Wazirx App Kya Hai. How WazirX works, if you like it, then share this post with your friends. If you still have any questions, then you can comment on us, and we will try our best to answer them.

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