September 24, 2023
Saitama Inu

Saitama Inu Coin

A utility token called SAITAMA is used for SAITAMA initiatives. In May 2021, the initial Saitama Inu token contract became live. A new, updated token contract that included the ability to pay for project development and marketing was implemented in May 2022.

Additionally, Saitama Inu was renamed SAITAMA and given a new logo.

A transaction tax of 4% is applied, of which 2% is allocated to project development and marketing, 1% is taken out of circulation (burned), and 1% is automatically distributed to token holders as compensation for retaining tokens.

Saitama Inu (SAITAMA): What Is It?

A community-based platform called Saitama Inu (SAITAMA) attempts to instill in millennials and Gen Z the value of financial security.

The platform aims to teach young people how to develop multiple opportunities for wealth creation and how to manage their finances.

The website intends to educate Gen Z on how to build wealth to suit their economic condition and financial well-being.

Saitama Inu seeks to close gaps in the financial and cryptocurrency sectors and to get people ready for the coming of the crypto market.

The native ERC20 token for the Saitama Inu platform, which runs on the Ethereum network, is called SAITAMA.

The main method of payment on the platform is the SAITAMA token. The token holders receive a 2 percent deduction from each transaction made on the platform. As a result, the total quantity of tokens automatically drops each time a transaction takes place, and token holders also stand to gain more from simply hanging onto their tokens. The Saitama environment is made up of four parts as well.

The first is Saitama’s cryptocurrency wallet, SaitaMask, where token holders may store digital assets like SAITAMA tokens and simultaneously learn about finance. The SaitaMarket, the platform’s marketplace, is the second. Here, users can trade SAITAMA tokens and other partner tokens for the goods and services the platform offers in exchange for these tokens.

The SaitaMaker, an NFT-based launchpad platform, is the third element. It intends to assist community producers in developing, launching and promoting initiatives focused on Saitama’s economic system.

The fourth element is Saita Edutainment, a multi-channel content platform that disseminates articles that educate consumers about money. The site aims to teach users about finance in a lighthearted and enjoyable manner.

The platform’s internal entertainment studio, Saitama Studios, creates games, TV series, books, manga, toys, and NFTs. The studio also develops unique franchises and specialized works for other brands.

The Saitama Inu’s history (SAITAMA)

On May 31, 2021, SAITAMA token was introduced. Aaron Mansur (chief marketing officer), Gabriel Klein (chief creative officer), Manpreet Kohl (chief financial officer), Max Hernandez (chief technology officer), Nam Tram (COC – community building), Steve Rocket Crypto (content creator), and Russell Armand make up the core team behind the development and management of Saitama Inu (CEO – operation).

The token is modeled after a strange ghost dog creature that is rumored to prowl the mountains of Saitama, Japan.

The monster, according to the platform, is a protector of fortune.

Saitama Inu (SAITAMA): How Is It Made?

Because SAITAMA is an energy-efficient token, it is produced using the proof-of-stake algorithm. An anti-whale trap is a key component of the token.

This feature is intended to stop large-scale token holders from manipulating token prices or selling all of their tokens at once. The SAITAMA token has a maximum total supply of 100,000,000,000,000,000 coins.

The proof-of-stake algorithm is use to create SAITAMA because it is an energy-efficient token. A crucial part of the token is an anti-whale trap.

This function is design to prevent large-scale token holders from inflating the price of their tokens or selling them all at once. The maximum total supply of SAITAMA tokens is 100,000,000,000,000,000 coins.

Some frequently asked questions about the Saitama Inu coin

Saitama inu coin price in India? 

Saitama inu coin price in India today is ₹0.154305 and has increased 1.9% from ₹0.151485 since yesterday. The SAITAMA is on a downward monthly trajectory as it has decreased -by 53.1% from ₹0.329297 since 1 month (30 days) ago

Is SAITAMA Inu currency a wise purchase?

Saitama can be a wise investment for you if you want to take a chance and diversify your portfolio with speculative cryptocurrency initiatives.

Saitama may not be the best investment for you if you’re looking to fund ground-breaking initiatives that will influence the direction of decentralized finance (DeFi).

Can SAITAMA coins increase?

Crypto specialists predict that the value of the Saitama token will rise even further in 2022. If everything goes according to plan, the Saitama Crypto will shortly surpass its previous record. The Saitama token currently has a sizable number of holders, and in the coming months, that number may rise.

Where do you find SAITAMA Inu currency?

Uniswap,, Poloniex, LBank, and MEXC are some examples.

SAITAMA Inu has how many holders?

Fans of the Saitama Inu can now celebrate.

Data from Whalestats indicates that there are now 325,000 Saitama Inu owners, which is a record.

Is the SAITAMA Inu coin a meme?

Saitama Inu is another meme coin addressing the token value problem. Selling is not simply keeping the token and hoping for a price increase to generate some profit. A token with genuine value in the real world or the cryptocurrency world is what investors are searching for.

What are the uses of Saitama Inu?

The mission of the community-driven platform Saitama Inu is to empower its users with financial opportunities and educate Generation Z about cryptocurrencies.

Another compelling element of this platform is its wallet, edutainment, marketplace, NFT-based launchpad, and internal entertainment.

When did Saitama Inu debut?

February 2, 2022, in Singapore

GLOBEE NEWSWIRE by way of Blockchain Wire.

The pre-sale launch of $SMAX, an expedited Saitama Inu project, was announce by SaitaMAX, a token that is entirely community-driven, on February 3, 2022, at 17:00 (UTC) on PinkSale. Finance Launchpad.

Which wallets are Saitama compatible?

Get the Coinbase Wallet app.

Saitama must be purchase using a self-custody wallet, such as Coinbase Wallet.

Who is SAITAMA Inu listed by?

The Saitama Inu token is on the list of the OKX platform thanks to a partnership between Saitama, one of the most rapidly expanding cryptocurrency and community-driven platforms, and OKX, a major worldwide spot and derivatives exchange.

Is SAITAMA the same as SAITAMA Inu?

Saitama Inu, also known as SAITAMA, is a community-driven token or simply a platform that aims to create solutions to help the next generation of investors learn about the market and make it safe and easy for everyone to use.

Where can you purchase SAITAMA?

You must exchange Tether for Saitama in order to purchase it.

There are two methods for obtaining USDT. The first option is to use PayPal or a credit or debit card to purchase it on Bitmart. Purchasing USDT from Coinbase and depositing it into BitMart is an additional option.

What was Saitama’s highest selling price?

On July 29, 2022, Saitama reached an all-time high of $0.004337859519. (29 days).

What was Saitama’s lowest price?

On July 7, 2021, Saitama reached an all-time low of $0.000000000026. (about 1 year).

What was Saitama’s trade volume during the day?

Saitama’s 24-hour trading volume is $18,295,079 dollars.

Where can you trade Saitama?

Saitama can be trade on BKEX,, and LBank.

The SAITAMA/USD, SAITAMA/CAD, SAITAMA/AUD, SAITAMA/GBP, SAITAMA/INR, and SAITAMA/PHP trading pairs are among the most popular ones for Saitama on the market.

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