September 26, 2023
moonshot crypto

Moonshot Crypto: News, Team, Price, Tokenomics

What is moonshot crypto?

Moonshot crypto is a deflationary, liquidity-providing protocol that pays rewards to holders. The Total supply of Moonshot is forever decreasing. This is because of the Moonshot Burn.

Moonshot Crypto provides incentives to holders through a reward system. Moonshot Token is a deflationary currency that pays out rewards to holders. MOON is the primary token on the Moonshot platform, and it’s meant to be used as a utility coin.

Moonshot crypto is a blockchain protocol that provides rewards to holders of Moonshot Tokens. Tokens form the primary unit of value on the network and are equivalent to fiat currency. Holders pay fees to earn rewards from the protocol. Fees are automatically deducted from the token balance of all holders.

4% tax from each transaction is distributed to the Holders on the protocol. The protocol pays rewards to holders over the long term. This long-term incentive to HODL is meant to help with price discovery, increase liquidity, and provide a stable base that grows over time.

6% from each transaction is automatically locked to the liquidity pool. Due to this, the floor price increase continuously.

Moonshot is a Utility Token that is used for:
1. MoonBoxes( Platform for NFTs)
2. MoonSea(Upcoming NFT Marketplace) is a platform for interacting with NFTs. The Moonbox is the first platform on moonshot crypto we release. It’s a blockchain-enabled storage device that stores your crypto in an NFT form and can carry out essential functions such as ID verification.

Moonboxes will be home to collectors and amazing NFT artists. They can be used in conjunction with our marketplace, the MoonSea, and the NFTs. is Moonshot’s decentralized marketplace for NFTs. On this marketplace, you will be able to purchase and sell NFTs to receive a new revenue stream from your digital art collection. is an upcoming platform because of its security, liquidity, and regulation. It’s one of the most advanced NFT platforms in the blockchain field. The marketplace has a lot of great tools that will make your experience with NFTs much better.

Is Moonshot Crypto Safe?

The LP Tokens generated by the protocol are regularly locked by the moonshot team using DXSale Network. Total locked LP Token can be viewed on the website of Moonshot Token.

The Smart contract of Moonshot Crypto passed the audit report done by Solidity Finance. The protocol is designed with governance in mind. The Moonshot team has a whole proposal of ideas that they want to implement over the long run. They can do this by holding the LP Tokens.

The Moonshot Team also released their whitepaper on the website, where all aspects of the moonshot project are explained in detail. The whitepaper is for everyone to read before deciding about joining the Team since it explains the project better than any other document.

Moonshot Token Economics

All funds raise are locked in a smart contract that does not pay out until the protocol has been fully implemented. Only after that time is it released.

Staking: 4% is distributed to holders for every transaction
Liquidity: 6% is auto-added to Pancakeswap V1 liquidity pool for every transaction. For more information you can visit moonshot crypto website

Total Token Supply = 1,000,000,000,000,000 (1 quadrillion)
Circulating Supply = 578,864,182,417,935 (578 billion)
Burned Forever = 421,135,817,582,065 (421 billion)


MOONSHOT Crypto Community

The people behind the scenes of Moonshot from all around the world. Team members worldwide, the ideas and visions shared are unique, ambitious, and full of energy. Everyone working on the project believes in it. They are creating something new, something unique and unique. The project is new and will take cryptocurrencies to the next level.

The moonshot team consists of people working on the project for months now. Moonshot has a well-developed team with members from all around the world.

The Team is working to make the project better, day by day. The Team is constantly working on new ideas and implementations of their own. They are creating something new, something unique and unique.

1. Control Zero (Main Developer) – Software Engineer and Scrum Master

2. luisqsm (Design and Brand Manager) – Architect, 3D artist, digital designer & crypto enthusiast

3. Smack (Positivity Guru)

4. Winnie (Moderator and Contributor)

5. Sonic ( Solidity Developer)

6. CryptoSeas (Moderator and Contributor)

7. CryptoKam (Moderator and Contributor)

Moonshot Crypto Price

Moonshot crypto price is currently trading at $0.000000002462. The current Coinmarketcap rank is around #6000, with no data of Market Cap available. The total circulating supply is available at one quadrillion Moonshot tokens.

moonshot crypto

The all-time high for the moonshot token was $0.00000011 on April 26, 2021. The token is currently 98% down from its all-time high and is now trading at an all-time low. It can be a good investment opportunity for the long term, But I suggest not investing a big amount.

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