September 26, 2023

Messari tool: How it works

What is a Messari?

Messari is a new resource for cryptocurrency and token investing research. The site offers proprietary data, analysis, and insights on blockchain-based companies, tokens, and the token economy. Messari wants to bring transparency, compliance, and quality information to the blockchain ecosystem. The company aims to provide a better information stream for users of crypto investing products, like tokenized vehicles. One can say that Messari is a new kind of Bloomberg Terminal in the crypto universe.

Messari Inc was founded by a group of crypto experts and investors in 2017. The company is based in New York City. The company’s founders have previously worked for Bloomberg, KPMG, and other companies involved in financial market research.

Messari provides a tool that aggregates information from multiple sources to create a complete picture of the world of cryptocurrency investing. Messari is a marketplace platform for aggregating data from various sources to understand better the crypto investing ecosystem.

Messari provides an open-source tool that allows users to access the data and information from multiple sources. In other words, Messari users can choose what data sources they want to include on their dashboard. The tool also offers statistics in charts, graphs, and tables with blockchain and non-blockchain companies and assets.


What does Messari offer?

Messari offers data, charts, and real-time information on the token economy. The portal aggregates information from multiple sources to create a complete picture of the token universe. Messari is an open-source tool made for people interested in investing in the crypto ecosystem.

In the space of the crypto industry, Messari does not currently have a catalogue of tokens already invested in. This means that Messari does not have information on prices, ROI, market cap, or volume.

Messari collects information from various sources, including Coinmarketcap,,, and, to name a few. One can say that Messari is a tool similar to Bloomberg Terminal. Still, it has a more focused audience: crypto investors interested in researching the crypto environment thoroughly and investing in tokenized products like security tokens and ICOs.


How does tool work?

The tool includes information on crypto assets, tokenized securities and ICOs. The tool also provides a deeper view of the crypto ecosystem: it offers information on media, events, people, market metrics and investment products.

To use the Messari tool, users can set up a free account at Then users can add data sources to the dashboard. The dashboard includes a search engine that creates the list of the available data sources by filtering them according to type or industry sector.

Users can access several types of cryptocurrency data and information, inside the dashboard, including crypto/token-based companies, market capitalizations, and prices. Users can also access media related to the crypto industry. In addition, users can access market tickers, event calendars and payment systems.

Moving on to tokenized securities, the portal lets users explore opportunities for investing in security tokens according to their type: utility tokens, security tokens, or asset-backed tokens. Finally, Messari offers users the chance to explore and discover new ICOs.

Messari has a search engine that allows users to search and filter data according to their interests. This means that users can use a search engine to find information on blockchain companies, tokens and related events like conferences.

The Messari search engine allows users to sort information by industry sector or source. The search engine gives users the option to limit the number of results or be more specific to find information on a particular type of token or project.

Messari offers several ways for users to access and share data on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. Users with a Messari account can also share their dashboards with friends and family members through email. One can say that Messari lets people share their research systematically, transparently and securely.


Top features of Messari

Messari has many features, but here are some of the major ones that make it a valuable tool to use:

– Provides data from multiple sources and commodities.

– Multiple methods for searching, sorting and filtering information.

– Tracks Ethereum-based companies and token projects.

– Tracks companies based on the token economy and its operating principles.

– Built for collaboration. The company aims to develop a platform that the entire industry can use.

– Rules and guidelines created by the internal team and external contributors.

– Tokens, companies, and exchanges are vetted and scored based on complete transparency.


How does the data in affect users?

Messari offers a detailed description of Ethereum-based companies and token projects. The data presented on this site is transparent and easily accessible for any user to use. One can say that the data in Messari is based on thorough research and a fair scoring system. The site also provides users with ICO details and event calendars. In addition, the portal lets users track tokenized securities and utility tokens. Lastly, the site enables users to access valuable information on media and meetups.

The data in Messari can influence users for various reasons: for example, it may influence decisions about whether or not to invest in an ICO project. It is also possible that the data on Messari may affect investors’ decision-making process when deciding whether or not to use an ERC20 token to invest in a project.

The data available on Messari helps users make better decisions about the token ecosystem. The data is helpful for investors, traders, companies and the entire crypto community. A useful example of how such data can influence investment strategies is shown below:

One of Messari’s key features is a scoring system that includes various aspects of every project. The scoring system was created to help users efficiently assess the quality or viability of a company or project. The Messari team and other contributors developed the scoring system.

You have decided to invest in a project called “Airdropmania”, which is developed by a company called “AirDropMania”. According to the data available on Messari, “AirDropMania” has been involved in several projects and has raised $2 million from investors. The information presented includes team members, essential facts about the project, investment size and other helpful information.

The scoring system can also be used to determine how a project is developing over time. For example, if you set up your dashboard using the search engine and sort the results by date, you will be able to see how the value of “Airdropmania” has been growing over time.


The scoring system

The scoring system is based on three types of data: investment, product, and development. Each type of data has its criteria structured into a 20 point score system. The first type of data is called the “investment criteria”, which include investment size, legal structure, token distribution and the rights that come with the project.

The product criteria include information such as partnerships and distribution channels. The development criteria include information such as coding activity and commits over time. The details used to compile the final score are based on publically available information.

In addition, the scoring system includes a disclaimer that warns users that specific data may not be available for every company or project had in its database. The purpose of this disclaimer is to make users aware of the fact that they should not take information on Messari as absolute truth. The team aims for transparency and accountability, but it also wants users to understand that they can make mistakes sometimes.

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