March 22, 2023
layah heilpern

Layah Heilpern Journey as a Crypto Expert

Layah Heilpern is a crypto expert, business owner, and educator. She is the author of Undressing Bitcoin and the Host of The Layah Heilpern Show. She has been the founder of since 2016 (we are building an artificial intelligence portfolio trading platform) and CryptoValley Labs since 2017 (a blockchain and AI hub for startups).

Layah is one of the world’s leading experts on cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. She’s been interviewed on CNBC, Bloomberg, and other major media outlets. She is a regular speaker at significant cryptocurrency events and conferences, including the New York Virtual Summit, Stellar Consensus, and Asia Crypto Summit.

For over a decade, Layah has built her career around the intersection of technology and business, working in development and marketing roles for several startups. She is committed to building an inclusive ecosystem for blockchain entrepreneurs and investors. She is passionate about empowering women through entrepreneurship and actively encourages females to become involved in the space by speaking at colleges across North America.

Growing up, Layah Heilpern was an active child who loved discovering new things about technology. She says that she always knew that she wanted to pursue a career in technology-related jobs. She spends her time reading up on recent developments in the industry.


Layah Heilpern Early Life

Layah Heilpern was born on April 12, 1988, in Toronto. She completed her high school at the University of Toronto Schools in 2006 and graduated with an honors degree with a double major in Computer Science and Math. In 2010, she graduated with a master’s degree in Media Technology from NYU Tandon School of Engineering.

In 2014, she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Digital Media Arts and Design from George Brown College. She earned her master’s degree in Business Administration from George Brown College and is grateful to both of the colleges which made it affordable for her to pursue a master’s degree.

Impacts In the Crypto World

Layah Heilpern was first introduced to Bitcoin in 2012. At first, she was skeptical about cryptocurrencies and the problems they could potentially cause. She didn’t trust the technology or its use as a currency. Because of this, she thinks that many people have made similar assumptions, but since then, everything has changed.

She defines cryptocurrencies as real money, a currency that could offer more freedom and power than any cash we currently have. There are a lot of other benefits, including it being faster and cheaper to use. Layah also thinks that Bitcoin is the biggest asset since the internet and that it’s poised to make many changes in our lives.


Layah Heilpern Career

In 2016, Layah Heilpern founded Lokad. It was created to build a platform that would enable traders to make complex and dynamic forecasts in real-time. Every day people are using the software to hedge their risk, hedge against assets like cryptos, fine arts, and currencies, and make more informed decisions in the direction they should take their money.

In 2017, Layah was asked to be an Advisor at BlockchainHub Zurich, which is one of the biggest blockchain hubs in Europe. The company has become a pioneer in the blockchain space and is launching several new projects to empower its startups.

Layah Heilpern has also worked on her own company, Layah Media, an influencer marketing company. She has been hired by IBM, IBM Japan, and IBM Australia to be their speaker or speaker on blockchain topics and a regular speaker at major cryptocurrency conferences and events like the New York Virtual Summit, Stellar Consensus, and Asia Crypto Summit. She talks about the importance of entrepreneurs and cryptocurrencies in society.

Business Career

Layah Heilpern founded in 2016 and CryptoValley Labs in 2017.   She is the founder and CEO of Lokad, a software development company that develops an artificial intelligence portfolio trading platform. The company was started to provide a free and open-source solution to the data problem in finance.

She also built CryptoValley Labs, a blockchain and artificial intelligence hub for startups that started in 2017. The company aims to help companies understand and implement blockchain technology efficiently. The company was started after Layah considered what she would do if her husband invested cryptocurrency in her business, as his investments are increasing.

She is also the founder of Layah Heilpern Show, a podcast available on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, and AllPlay. The show focuses on blockchain and cryptocurrencies. She has been interviewed by Bloomberg, CNBC, and other major media outlets.


The Layah Heilpern Show

Layah Heilpern’s show Undressing Bitcoin talks about everything about Bitcoin. The show is a weekly podcast that interviews the most prominent Bitcoin experts, researchers, and developers to learn about the latest things and developments in Bitcoin. Layah interviews people from all over the world. She says that her show helps popularise Bitcoin and blockchain technology by explaining what it is, its history, and how it works.

Layah believes that people should be free to invest in whatever they want. It’s a matter of personal choice, and she wants to see the cryptocurrency market continue to grow because it will lead to more innovation and economic growth. Layah doesn’t know if Bitcoin will become a currency, but she does think that it’s the best invention since the internet. She’s a massive fan of technology and believes that it’s changing people’s lives for the better.

For Layah, her podcast is purposeful to educate her listeners about Bitcoin for many reasons. One of them is that many people have made similar assumptions. But it recently changed following the price spike in December 2017. She thinks that this will stimulate adoption, and it will become more mainstream as more people start to understand how it works and how they can benefit from its usage.

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