September 24, 2023
John Adams Dollar Coin

John Adams Dollar Coin: Released By Presidential Dollar Coin Series

Presidential Dollar Coin series released their second coin as John Adams Dollar Coin. The coin was released on 17th May 2007 when coins were largely available ahead the time when banks neglected to stick to the official release schedule. Joel Iskowitz designed the observe of John Adams Dollar and Charles Vickers sculpted the coin.

Done Everhart ( U.S. mint Sculptor-Engraver) designed and sculpted the Statue of Liberty on the reverse of the John Adams coin. The same reverse was also used for Washington Presidential Dollar and remains throughout the Presidential Dollar series. The diameter of the Adams coin is 26.5 mm and weighs 8.07 grams. The coin was made of an alloy of copper, zinc, manganese, and nickel clad to a core of pure copper. The reverse of the coin is filled with “The date, mint mark, and the motto In God We Trust”. Also, the edges of Adams coin are filled with the same as the reverse but also included E PLURIBUS UNUM too.

United States Mint produced the coin for circulation in the Philadelphia and Denver Mint Facilities. In addition, Textiles produced proof coins at the San Francisco Stockpile’s facility. Unfortunately for some coin collectors, some John Adams dollars did not receive the incuse edge lettering. It is believed that coins under 2,000 were not found with properly edged letters or double-edged lettering. There are plenty, of which more than 3,000 coins had identified so far.

The John Adams dollar is a companion coin in the First Spouse Gold Coin Series, minted in solid 24-karat gold bullion to honor Abigail Adams. The mint issued these ten-dollar gold pieces in both proof and uncirculated forms. Today you can get any of these gold pieces for little more than their bullion value.

Today’s estimates the value of the Philadelphia mint John Adams dollar is between $6 and $20 for MS grades higher than MS63 and for the Denver John Adams dollar between $5 and $89 for similar grades.

Two more coins were followed in 2007 years later the release of Adams coin — Andrew Jackson $1s will be released on August 14 and Martin Van Buren $1s on November 13.

John Adams Presidential Dollar Mintages and Values
Date Mintage Value
2007-P 112,420,000 – Uncirculated $3.00
2007-D 112,140,000 – Uncirculated $3.00
2007-S 3,965,989 – Proof $4.00

Note: Coin values ​​are for antique uncirculated and proof coins.

Second U.S. President

The United States’ second President was elected John Adams, a term which he served in full from 1797 to 1801. Important foreign policy events marked John Adams’ term as president. John Adams served as George Washington’s Vice President for two terms and as a U.S. Senator from Massachusetts to the Continental Congress before becoming President. Adams was on the committee that drafted the American Declaration of Independence and was influential in its preparation.

During France & England war, Adams avoid entering the war between France and England but faced the problematic reality of needing to protect and further America’s interests. It didn’t help when France’s relatively unstable revolutionary government refused to accept diplomats sent by Adams.  America could not advance its interests in Europe when the maritime trade routes were clogged with militias and privateers, so Adams ultimately decided to build up the US Navy and clear the sea routes himself.

Important Adams Facts

  • Adams was  born October 30, 1735, in Braintree, (near Quincy,) Massachusetts
  • He died July 4, 1826, also in Braintree, Mass., at the age of 90
  • He served as the first Vice President of the United States under George Washington, from 1789 to 1797
  • The second President of the U.S., served one term from 1797 to 1801, with Thomas Jefferson as his Vice President
  • Married Abigail Smith in 1764, and fathered 5 children, including future President John Quincy Adams
  • First President to live in the White House

Presidential coins are not always easy to find or exchange even in banks. John Quincy Adam’s $1 coins may also be purchased directly from the Mint.

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