September 27, 2023
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Is ICP Crypto a Good Investment? Price prediction

What is Internet Computer(ICP)?

ICP Crypto is the fastest and most general-purpose blockchain, launched by Dfinity Foundation in May 2021. The internet computer aims to become a world computer by hosting web3 applications, Defi, games, NFTs, and Metaverse.

ICP crypto is the token used on this Internet computer. The total supply of ICP crypto is 479 million, and 216 million ICP are already distributed via airdrop, ICOs, and exchanges. And the rest will be distributed when the Internet computer (ICP) launches.

ICP coin is a kind of utility token, not just a cryptocurrency. It is like a software license for the Internet computer. Since the token has a set of rules to follow, it will not have any application value outside its scope. However, it still depends on the actualization of ICP crypto by the Dfinity Foundation in the future.

The utility of the ICP coin could be used to promote the adoption of Internet computers and Defi. Users can use ICPs to pay for their Dfinity subscription, buy Dfinity chips or contribute more to support Dfinity.

Who created ICP Crypto?

ICP Crypto is led by CEO Dominic Williams himself, who has been an expert in blockchain for more than 18 years. He developed Dfinity as well.

ICP Crypto was initially designed by the team of Dfinity, aiming to promote network sustainability and provide a better user experience. Internet computer is a native token of the Internet computer. ICP was created on May 21, 2019, and it will run on the Internet computer when it was launched in May 2021.

The Dfinity Foundation is the organization responsible for ICP. Dfinity is a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals with over ten years of experience in blockchain development and management, IP protection, and online game development. The Dfinity Foundation was established in 2017, aiming to develop Internet computer with the help of blockchain technology.

In March 2019, Dfinity announced a new financial model to support the future growth of the Internet computer project. The new model consists of different economic structures, including the global blockchain “coin building fund” and the cryptocurrency “ICP crypto-asset” based on a hybrid blockchain/cryptocurrency. The new financial model was introduced and promoted via the official website of Dfinity,, in English and Chinese.


What is ICP crypto used for?

ICP is used to buy things on the Internet computer platform, such as Dfinity chips and subscriptions. ICP can also be used to pay for other products or services on the Internet computer platform. For example, NFTs and Metaverse.

The transaction fee of ICP can be lower than other cryptocurrencies because ICP coin is not mined. It is like a software license that can only be used to run the Internet computer.

ICP is a utility token that has intrinsic value. Its price is determined by the demand-supply mechanism of supply and demand. The token could calculate the number of computer resources available for each user.

Internet Computer can also be used as a reward for Dfinity chips, similar to Ethereum and EOS. The more users of Dfinity, the more ICP coins you can get.


Does the ICP coin have a future?

ICP coin has been developed specifically for this project. ICP was created and is managed by the team of Dfinity, which has a deep understanding of the Internet computer and web3 technology.

Dfinity is a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals who have been working in this field for more than ten years. Dfinity also has different financial models to support the development of the Internet computer.

ICP Crypto has a bright future. It is predicted to be one of its first public blockchains with different business models and applications.

Dfinity will strive to build a world computer that is more scalable and secure than Ethereum or EOS. It provides different ways of computing to provide users with more security and transparency, such as eliminating the need for a well-known cloud service.


ICP Crypto Price History

ICP Crypto is a relatively new cryptocurrency. It was first issued in 2019. ICP Crypto was launched on May 21, 2019, and its price has increased steadily up to $470 and then lost almost 96% of its value. Its value was $21 at the end of 2021.

icp crypto

But since it is an asset of the ICP platform, one can expect its value to grow in the future. Because of its intrinsic value, ICP token will be used to buy services and create more value.

It is predicted to be one of its first public blockchains with different business models and applications. Internet Computer price reached $15 in Feb 2022, and it was all time low for this crypto. Now, the price is trading around 20$ and can reach $30 to $40 at the end of 2022.


ICP crypto price prediction

According to the ICP Crypto white paper, the current value of ICP crypto is $22. It is predicted as a significant asset to be used by Dfinity Foundation in its technological development.

The ICP crypto price is also predicted to be at $70 to $80 in 2022, as per the ICP crypto white paper. ICP Crypto is available on Binance, Bitfinex, and KuCoin. You can trade ICP Crypto with BTC, ETH, and USDT.

According to, The latest forecasts seem unaffected by ICP’s recent drop. Internet Computer(ICP) price prediction expects a steady rise over the next five years, crossing the $100 mark. Its ICP token price prediction for 2022 is to reach an average price of $25, which will race to $70 in 2025. Its ICP price prediction for 2030 is $450.


Where to Buy ICP Coin?

ICP is available on Binance, Bitfinex, and KuCoin. You can trade ICP coins with BTC, ETH, and USDT. Internet Computer Coin price is also listed on multiple exchanges, including Cryptopia and OKex.

Several exchanges offer ICP coins. However, the most popular and reliable one is Binance. Binance is the largest exchange in terms of volume. It has a high liquidity and a high number of users trading on the platform.

Once registered on the Binance exchange, you can transfer your BTC or ETH to your Binance wallet and buy ICP coin.

Another great alternative is OKex, which is also a very popular exchange. It has a high volume and is a good place for transactions.

You can also buy ICP crypto from Cryptopia and Mercatox if you want. But it is advisable to use Binance or OKex because they have better security and more features.

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