September 26, 2023
Is cryptocurrency legal in India

Is Cryptocurrency Legal In India? All You Need To Know Here!

In today’s post, we will discuss whether cryptocurrency is legal in India or not. Many Indian people have this illusion that if they invest their money in cryptocurrency, then their money will not get stuck somewhere, money will sink somewhere, so today your confusion will be cleared that whether cryptocurrency is legal in India or not, we will tell you this. Everything in the post.

Is cryptocurrency legal in India?

Friends, if seen, cryptocurrency has gradually become very popular in today’s time, due to which people in India have started investing their money in cryptocurrency and thinking about whether cryptocurrency is legal in India or not.

If we invest our money in cryptocurrency, then it will not be banned anywhere, cryptocurrency and postage will also be correct because whenever someone applies for their money in any file, first it is good to search for that thing well, somewhere like this Lest all our money sinks and we suffer a huge loss, I have understood whether cryptocurrency is legal in India or not.

When cryptocurrency was banned in 2022, after that the matter was heard in court, after that the finance minister did not ban cryptocurrency and imposed a tax on it, then some people thought that crypto is the currency in India. If it has become legal then we also tell them clearly.

We tell you whether cryptocurrency has become legal in India or the answer is no, yet cryptocurrency has not been fully legalized in India, it is taxed, and it is considered a license, which is launched by the authorities. Any currency related to cryptocurrency has come, not all of those leagues are illegal yet.

At the beginning of the year 2022, there was news about cryptocurrency that cryptocurrency has been banned in India, but many people who used to invest their money in cryptocurrency are unhappy with this decision of the government. Then the government put the cryptocurrency on hold and said that some tax will be imposed on it, whenever someone pays tax to a person, he will trade and the profit will be less of which 30% will be given to the government.

It is being heard that the government will also issue its own digital message which was mentioned by the Finance Minister in some of his speeches and said that we will also do our digital work through SBI which will be completely legal in India.

It is going on in the mind of many people that when the government has imposed a tax on cryptocurrency, then it is going to be legal in India too, again telling you that cryptocurrency is not legal in India, even though it is taxed. Are

The government has said that the stock of digital currency will be deposited, and it will be applicable from 1 April 2022, those who put their money in Kurta currency have been given time till 31 March, after which all kinds of taxes will start being levied on them.

It is not that every country should issue a cryptocurrency, in many countries cryptocurrency is declared legal, now anyone can use cryptocurrency in those countries and there are many countries where cryptocurrency is banned. So far nothing like this has happened in India, only cryptocurrency has been put on hold, and neither it is legal nor it is illegal.

Why should cryptocurrency be banned?

Is Cryptocurrency legal in India

We tell you that the main reason for banning cryptocurrency is that no one can track its transaction action, nor can it be known which person has done this transaction action, for which person, and in what proportion. I have done transaction action. Transition action to cryptocurrency is not traceable in any way. Whenever there is a transition operation in cryptocurrencies, it does not give the information of a person, just that he gets his address code from one wallet to another.

The government says that this crime can increase because anyone can keep their black money safe and can send their money from one country to another without stopping anyone, so it is not legal Government.

Cryptocurrency has been banned in India once before, the government banned cryptocurrency in 2018 as well, but cryptocurrency has been banned again in 2020, but still, cryptocurrency is not legal in India.

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As you know that cryptocurrency comes in cryptocurrency, if cryptocurrency is banned in India, then you will be closed in India too, although we cannot tell your future if cryptocurrency is not banned in India, then your future will be very good, so you should invest your money in any cryptocurrency but do it only on your rex.

Because so far there is no sure idea whether this currency will be legal in India or not, if for some reason cryptocurrency is not legal in India and it will be banned by making it illegal, then your money will be withdrawn from cryptocurrency at night. Although at that time whether it is a crypto market or toss, you can withdraw money from it immediately, according to the news and it may also happen that cryptocurrency gets banned overnight like notes were banned in demonetization.


So friends, the information given by us is legal in cryptocurrency India or not, how do you like it? If you liked it then must share it with your friends. Thanks!

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