September 27, 2023
xrt cryptocurrency

How XRT Cryptocurrency (Robonomics Network) Works?

What is XRT Cryptocurrency?

XRT Cryptocurrency is a token for the Robonomics Network. Robonomics is a diverse, decentralized global platform for digital products to create and optimize autonomous economic agents that interact peer-to-peer.

The platform consists of an open marketplace, three types of agent pools, and decentralized storage space. The marketplace is an interface where people can buy or sell any digital product they own or produce. Agent pools are individual software agents that can be used to create or buy any digital product present on the marketplace.


What is Robonomics Network?

Robonomics Network is a global, decentralized economic system that consists of three parts: an interface, agent pools, and decentralized storage space. The interface is an open marketplace where individuals can buy and sell anonymous digital products. Such as music downloads or streaming video services, transfer ownership of digital items, or finding physical objects like video games that can be captured as an encrypted file.

The agent pool is an individual software agent that can be used to produce or buy any digital product present on the interface. The agent pool stores all of its data in decentralized storage space and uses the exchange rates set on the interface to maintain its balance.

Robonomics is an open-source technology for IoT and a free marketplace for the interaction of economic agents. The Robonomics Wallet is available on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.


What can XRT Cryptocurrency be used for?

XRT Cryptocurrency is intended to facilitate the exchange of digital products. It can be used to purchase digital items on innovative platforms such as Youtube iTunes on Robonomics Network. But non-digital transactions are also accepted, allowing people to exchange their services and money directly with XRT token holders. In this way, the use of the XRT cryptocurrency becomes the new standard for efficient value exchange.


How does XRT Cryptocurrency work?

Robonomics Network allows for creating a decentralized marketplace where everyone can sell their digital products or buy them from other users. The exchange rate is automatically maintained on the Robonomics Network so that the value of an item is always the same whether it’s bought or sold. Payment methods include direct exchange with fiat currency or credit card, wire transfers, and any other payment methods offered in the future.


What is the purpose of XRT Cryptocurrency?

The Robonomics Network aims to provide a universal cryptocurrency that can be used as a payment method on all digital markets and services. Projects, developers, and companies will be able to create new decentralized applications that use the Robonomics protocol. Robonomics will continuously develop new features and integrate better exchanges as an open-source project.

With the Robonomics Network, everyone can create and exchange their digital products in much the same way we now sell music, video games, and other digital content on several platforms today. Imagine a future where you can use your digital product to buy anything you want without restrictions — music you love on Youtube, games you enjoy playing on Steam, social networking sites.

However, no one can control the Robonomics Network. Since the technology is distributed globally, it allows everyone to gain access to it and use their digital products independently.

The Robonomics protocol was developed by leading Russian developers as a blockchain-based system for digital content management and distribution. This open-source technology for the Internet of Things (IoT) is an autonomous economic agent platform that allows users to be in control of their money and data.

The new cryptocurrency (XRT) was introduced to accomplish two tasks:

· To solve the problem of digital product management, which may be in different formats but all could be exchanged for money; and

· To allow IoT devices to be integrated into the Robonomics Network. This means that any device with a unique identifier could create its digital product to use on the network. Agents would then automatically manage these products and store the data safely in the decentralized storage space.


Features of XRT Cryptocurrency

#1. Open-source technology (Robonomics Protocol) for IoT

The open-source Robonomics Protocol is the backbone of the Robonomics Network. It allows developers to create their digital products, control their data, and sell them on the Robonomics platform. The protocol also allows developers to create new decentralized applications that use the network rules developed on a distributed network with no central point of failure.

#2. XRT Cryptocurrency Peer-to-peer transactions

Robonomics Network will allow peer-to-peer transactions without any third-party involvement. This means that transactions will be safe and secure, with no risk of fraud, theft, or a central point of failure. All digital products and data will be owned by the users who created them.

#3. Global currency

The Robonomics Network cannot be subject to political pressure from any country because it is distributed globally and managed by millions of independent users. In addition, XRT is a currency that any government authority or central bank does not issue.

#4. Quantum-resistant signature

Robonomics protocol runs on a distributed network; all users will be able to run full nodes and verify transactions on their own. The data will be processed by a proof-of-work algorithm called Hashcash (used to manage email spam) with a couple of changes that allow it to be used on the blockchain. The first change is to make the reward for mining much smaller.

#5. Efficient data storage

The Robonomics Network uses a decentralized storage space based on the IPFS protocol, an alternative to HTTP. This will allow people to store data on a distributed network and increase the speed of data transfer processes.

#6. Decentralized domain registry (CryptoNIC)

The CryptoNIC project aims to create its own decentralized Domain Name System that will allow users to register their unique name and use it for their digital products in Robonomics Network.

#7. Robonomics token

XRT is the official cryptocurrency of the Robonomics Network. It is created on top of a fork of the Ethereum protocol and used for peer-to-peer transactions on the platform. As an open-source technology, all developers can use it to create new services for their users and digital products for others.

#8. Resilience to censorship

The Robonomics Network is designed to be resilient to censorship. Since the system is peer-to-peer, a single person cannot control it and make changes that could degrade its functionality. Users own the data and digital products that are exchanged directly between them.

#9. Built for all projects

Robonomics Network has been created as an open-source technology that can be integrated into other platforms or used independently. It supports IoT devices, agents, and distributed applications to start using its currency (XRT) from the very beginning.

#10. Robonomics multi-agent system

Robonomics technology is being created to integrate agents into the economic sphere that will allow digital products to be exchanged between users on their own. This will be done through agents that operate with each other autonomously in a complex environment where they are subject to payments, penalties, and rewards in response to the actions of other agents.


How To Buy XRT

XRT tokens are available on cryptocurrency exchanges and decentralized exchanges (DEX). The first place to purchase XRT is the cryptocurrency exchange.

Buy Bitcoin or Ethereum on an exchange that offers them. (You can use Cash, PayPal, Credit Card, Skrill, etc.) Exchange your Bitcoin/Ethereum for XRT at any cryptocurrency exchanges Hotcoin Global, Huobi Global, CoinW, and BKEX.

The second place to buy XRT is a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange. DEXs are more complicated to use, but they offer more privacy since they do not store your information. The main drawback is that you cannot use deposits and withdrawals, so you are limited to only exchanging cryptocurrencies. To buy XRT on a decentralized exchange, you will need to use Bitcoin, Ethereum, or any other cryptocurrency supported by the platform.



XRT cryptocurrency network is a global digital products management ecosystem that allows users to manage and sell digital products, pay fewer fees, and avoid intermediaries.

Robonomics is a next-generation digital products management ecosystem that allows all devices to be equipped with microcontrollers and sensors. Agents will manage these devices, including cameras and microphones, in the Robonomics Network, a decentralized digital products management ecosystem. The primary use of the network is the creation of new digital products.

Investors can buy XRT tokens on cryptocurrency exchanges after registering with their email address and receiving an activation link for their wallets.

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