September 26, 2023

How to Buy GameCoin

A cryptocurrency design specifically for the gaming and sports industries is called GameCoin (GME). Let’s dive deeper into how to buy GameCoin in detail.

GameCoin (GMEX): What Is It?

Any athlete in the world can create their own sports-related coins using the Game Coin platform.

The platform, which enables businesses and individuals to participate in the decentralized market, was developed utilizing blockchain technology.

All platform transactions are based on Game Coin, which is regarded as the platform’s money.

According to the whitepaper, young athletes can gain much from playing sports. Participation, however, entails significant expenses, such as coaching and program fees, travel charges, uniform costs, private sessions, etc.

Most athletes do not have the opportunity to experience the potential benefits when these fees are included in.

As a result, the GameCoin platform was made available to athletes.

Through tokenization, the GameCoin platform enables any athlete to create their own coins.

Tokenization is a process where the value of the asset is converted into a coin that is traded and stored on the blockchain.

The networks on the platform’s blockchain aim to provide advantages including lower costs, improved security, decentralization, transparency, speed, innovation, and tokenization.

As they advance in their hypothetical sports marketplace, athletes can increase their token value.

Through the social media network, the Game Coin platform offers the participants this chance.

Athletes have access to a number of platform features that allow them to engage with and benefit from the Game Coin community.GMEX is the platform’s official ticker for Game Coin.

Every transaction on the site is subject to a 7% transaction fee. The transaction fee contributes to the accomplishment of the mission, and token holders are given the chance to interact, engage, compete, participate, and assess their skills and gifts on a single platform.

Users can exchange “Players Cards” or sports tokens, which aim to gain value as athletes advance in their sporting careers.

Additionally, when the athletes create their tokens, they can donate money to buy tokens from the entire supply.

History of the Token (GMEX)

Game Coin was first conceptualized in April 2021, and on June 22, 2021, it became formally available to users. David Mahler is one of the platform’s co-founders. The token has a 100 billion token total maximum supply.

How to buy GameCoin?

Some cryptocurrencies, like Global Game Coin, can only be bought on decentralized exchanges using another cryptocurrency.

You must first acquire Ethereum (ETH), and you must use ETH to buy Global Game Coin after that. And in order to achieve that, you need a wallet known as a self-custody wallet. Here’s how you can accomplish that using Coinbase Wallet.

  • Download Coinbase Wallet, first

To buy Global Game Coin, you need a self-custody wallet like Coinbase Wallet. For Coinbase Wallet, there are both a mobile app and a browser plugin available.

  • Select your Coinbase Wallet username

You must select a username before you can set up your Coinbase Wallet. Users of Coinbase Wallet can send you cryptocurrency quickly by using this username. You can keep your username a secret, but you’ll need one to log in.

  • Safely keep your recovery phrase in mind

You’ll receive a recovery phrase made up of 12 random words when you establish a new self-custody wallet. Your recovery phrase serves as the encryption key for your crypto, making it accessible to everyone who knows it. Never divulge your recovery phrase to anyone.

In addition to using the cloud backup function of Coinbase Wallet, we highly advise writing these down on paper and storing them securely. So never divulge your recovery phrase to anyone. Never provide your recovery phrase to Coinbase. Therefore Coinbase is unable to assist you in gaining access to your wallet if you forget your recovery phrase.

  • Be aware of and prepare for Ethereum network fees

The amount you pay depends on the complexity of the transaction, how busy the network is, and how quickly you need the transaction to be finished. Make a budget to set aside some cash for fees.

  • Purchase ETH and send it to your Coinbase Wallet

To purchase Ethereum, you must first open a Coinbase account if you don’t already have one (ETH). Find out more here about how to sign up for a Coinbase account and purchase Ethereum (ETH). Using the Chrome extension or the mobile app will affect how you send ETH to your Coinbase Wallet.

  • Using ETH, purchase Global Game Coin from the trading tab

Global Game Coin can be bought directly in the app if you use Coinbase Wallet on your smartphone. On the Coinbase Wallet App image, click.

Then select the “Trade” option to exchange ETH for any “ERC-20 token” (a token that runs on the Ethereum standard). Select Global Game Coin by tapping “choose coin.”Enter the amount of ETH that you want to convert to Global Game Coin. So keep in mind to budget for transaction costs. Confirm your purchase and follow the on-screen instructions to complete. Select “Convert” from the menu if you’re using the Coinbase Wallet extension. So you may find Global Game Coin by searching for it and entering the amount of ETH you want to trade for it. However, keep in mind to budget for transaction costs. Hence confirm your purchase and follow the on-screen instructions to complete.

Some frequently asked questions related to GameCoin

What is a GameCoin?

The first sports-focused cryptocurrency is GameCoin (GMEX).

The Game Coin is a platform that combines sports, talent acquisition, and charity.

What is the value of GameCoin?


GMEX is now worth $0.000639 per unit. Game Coin has fallen by 100% from its previous peak of $39,119,243.63.There is currently zero GMEX in circulation.

What is the state of GameCoin?

The current price of Game Coin is US$0.0006012, and its 24-hour trading volume is $232,519 dollars.

GMEX has dropped -5.98% over the past 24 hours.

It is currently 9.03% away from its 7-day all-time low of $0.0005514 and is currently -12.84% away from its 7-day all-time high of $0.0006898.

Who created the GameCoin?

Mr. Frankie Badeaux is one of the largest lawn care businesses in the Southeast, H&O Grounds. Because of how large it is, he and his friend Frankie Badeaux were able to launch their other business, Game Coin.

His and many others’ lives have been transformed by Game Coin, a cryptocurrency business that was established this past June.

Who started GameCoin?

Callais was shocked to see Moscona and Game Coin founder David Mahler in the radio studio announcing the good news of a $100,000 donation to the school. When Callais found out that GameCoin had donated to his initiative, he commented, “This will go a long way.”

Has Coinbase any cryptocurrency for gaming?

It’s more difficult to get some coins than others.

One of them is a GameCoin.It’s not accessible through Coinbase Wallet or the Coinbase app.

GameCoin was released when?

begins with Android, is available on the iOS App Store, and works with chains, Bitcoin, and Ethereum. Also on June 15, 2022, CandyDrop introduces EGAME as a “Token Airdrop Event.”

Greetings, grateful users On June 15, 2022, CandyDrop will release EGAME.

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