March 23, 2023

How to buy Filecoin

You’ll probably use a cloud storage service like iCloud or Google Cloud to expand your data storage capacity if you run out of space on your PC.

You will need to have faith in these providers, though, to both protect your data and give you access to their service.

Filecoin uses blockchain technology to try and address this issue. Anyone can purchase or offer network data storage using Filecoin.

The information you store on Filecoin is both uncensorable and unchangeable. Since the project’s initial coin offering (ICO), it has seen substantial development, making it a desirable investment for many crypto enthusiasts. In this article, readers will learn about Filecoin and how to buy Filecoin.

What is  Filecoin?

Blockchain technology is used by Filecoin, a decentralized file storage solution, to address the issues with centralized cloud storage services.

Unlike most other cryptos, Filecoin’s Interplanetary File System (IPFS) blockchain enables the hosting of decentralized data storage.

The platform is currently the largest decentralized storage solution on the market with a network capacity of over 2.5 billion gigabytes.

Grants are provided by Filecoin to network users who are developers in an effort to strengthen the ecosystem of the network.

Filecoin has so far awarded 45 prizes to developers.

Additionally, this year saw the announcement of Grayscale’s Filecoin Trust, which has already received a $1.5 million investment.

Filecoin is positioned to thrive during this cryptocurrency bull market because of its rapidly expanding ecosystem.

Both storage purchasers and sellers utilize the coin on the Filecoin platform.

Data providers must stake Filecoin to join the network, and buyers must pay the providers in Filecoin to store their data.

The network has the power to penalize bad actors on the network financially by mandating that storage providers stake FIL.

A synopsis of Filecoin’s Past

In 2014, Juan Benet created Filecoin. Additionally, he created the IPFS blockchain, which enabled the Filecoin network.

The Filecoin mainnet didn’t debut until October 2020, despite the cryptocurrency having its ICO in 2017.

Despite having a 2 billion coin maximum limit, there are now only 73 million in use.

Filecoin has a strategy to distribute these coins over the long term, despite the fact that this is frequently a warning that the cryptocurrency may lose value due to inflation.

The network won’t achieve its maximum supply for 30 years if we look at the shortest time frame.

The project has raised nearly $200 million since the 2017 ICO.

Filecoin’s initial coin offering (ICO) price was $5 per coin, and since then, it has returned more than 14,000%.

The fact that Filecoin has outperformed both Bitcoin and Ethereum throughout this time is arguably more impressive.

Currently, Filecoin is worth about $5 billion and trades for over $70 per coin.

How to buy Filecoin

  • Create a web account.

Filecoin is a relatively accessible cryptocurrency on major cryptocurrency exchanges because it is a well-established cryptocurrency project with solid support. Filecoin may be purchased at SoFi,, and Binance.SoFi is a great option because it’s user-friendly and has a tonne of special features.

Additionally, the exchange offers free exchanges between cryptocurrencies, making it simple to transfer cryptocurrencies swiftly. You must enter your email address and make a password in order to create an account with SoFi and the other exchangers. To increase the security of your account, you should also implement 2-factor authentication. Before you can start trading cryptocurrency, you might need to finish identification verification depending on where you live. Your Social Security number, driver’s license, and home address are a few items to have on hand.

  • Order a wallet (optional)

You shouldn’t keep your cryptocurrency on an exchange, regardless of the trading platform you select. Because they have custody of the money of their investors, cryptocurrency exchanges are prime targets for hackers. Since numerous cryptocurrency trading platforms have been compromised in the past, crypto investors are actually at risk.

The two most frequent and secure ways to store cryptocurrency are through a hardware or software cryptocurrency wallet. Software wallets can be downloaded on your computer or smartphone for free, and these applications will keep your crypto securely secured.

A hardware wallet is something you should take into consideration if you want to store your crypto assets as safely as you can.

Hardware wallets are tangible objects that physically hold your cryptocurrency offline, preventing online thieves from stealing it.

  • Purchase what you want.

You’re prepared to make your investment once you’ve decided where to store your cryptocurrency. You may buy cryptocurrencies using limit or market orders on the majority of cryptocurrency exchanges. Limit orders will only be executed if the asset declines to a price you select; market orders will execute your investment immediately at market price. Averaging into your investment makes sense given how volatile cryptocurrencies are.

All you have to do to accomplish this is set aside some of your capital for future investments. You’ll have more money if Filecoins declines, allowing you to cut your buy-in price. On the other hand, if Filecoin appreciates, you’ll raise your buy-in price. The growth in Filecoin will increase your buy-in price, but it will also reduce your risk as an investor.

Some commonly asked questions about Filecoin:

Is crypto like Filecoin a wise investment?

According to its long-term Filecoins price forecast, the coin may be valued at $9.06 by July 2023 and $7.16 by July 2024.

The site’s estimate of Filecoin’s price for 2025 predicts an average annual price of $10.40 and a maximum price of $23.65 in 2030.

How much will Filecoins cost?

According to some projections, the average price of Filecoin will be $25.74 in 2022, $28.53 in 2023, $29.91 in 2024, $37.18 by 2025, and once more a decline to $33.89 in 2026.

What makes Filecoin unique?

Users can store their files using Filecoins at incredibly low costs, and they can also confirm that their data are being saved properly.

By choosing the storage provider whose storage offer best suits their needs, users can decide how they would like to trade off cost, redundancy, and speed.

How is Filecoin generating revenue?

When storing data for customers, performing cryptographic proofs to confirm storage over time. And adding additional blocks of data, they are reward with FIL.

What is the value of Filecoin in 2025?

The prices of Filecoins and their movements over the previous years have been researching by cryptocurrency professionals.

The minimum FIL price is predicted to fall to $30.25 by 2025, while the maximum price will be $36.26.

The cost of trading will typically be around $31.11.

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