September 26, 2023
Cloud Coin Price

Cloud Coin Price

CloudCoins offer a supposedly “perfect” global money that cannot be duplicated, mined, lost, or falsified.

Your actions are completely secret and don’t even need to use encryption or public ledgers or accounts.

It cannot be shut down by governments, hackers, or even nuclear weapons, just like the Internet itself.

Only the owner is aware of the 3,200 pieces of secret data that make up a CloudCoin.

These parts are recorded in text files or jpg photos that can be given to your spouse by email, SMS, or even traditional old paper mail. The Cloud coin price will be covered in more detail in this post.

Cloud coin (CCE): What Is It?

An electronic currency with enhanced cryptocurrency features is called CloudCoin (CCE).

In order to provide total privacy, Cloudcoin does not use public ledgers, accounts, or encryption.

Like the internet, CloudCoin is impervious to forging, double spending, mining, loss, and removal by outside parties.

In addition, CloudCoin has 3,200 bits of secret data that only the coin’s owner may access.

Text files or jpg images are used to store these bits.

These bits can be saved by users on their computers and sent to other people by email, SMS, or traditional old paper mail. The confidentiality, integrity, and availability of CloudCoin are well-known.

Users don’t need to have accounts to access the cryptocurrency, and it doesn’t keep track of transactions. Anyone who has authenticity codes concealed in files can own a CloudCoin.

Let’s say an owner provides another person with authenticity codes.

In that instance, they can alter the codes and take control of the money again.

The goal of CloudCoin is to sustain all global transactions while utilizing the least amount of electricity possible.

Additionally, the coin has no fees and aims to provide a quick and secure payment method globally.

Additionally, CloudCoin contains a RAIDA database that is based on the root DNS servers (Redundant Array of Independent Detection Agents).

The RADIA system, which was developed in 2016, is as effective as the DNS servers, which are well-known for their efficiency.

The whitepaper states that RAIDA is a cloud-based service that validates the authenticity code for CloudCoin.

During the bitcoin exchange, RAIDA has the option to replace the code with the suggested authenticity number.

The RAIDA system aspires to be self-healing, easy to use, reliable, and efficient.

Additionally, RAIDA aims to be able to instantly determine a CloudCoin’s legitimacy.

Where is Cloud coin exchangeable?

On BitMart, CloudCoin can be traded.

The market offers several popular trading pairs for CloudCoin, including CC/USD, CC/CAD, CC/EUR, CC/PHP, CC/INR, and CC/IDR.

The first fully-decentralized, fully-private digital asset built on the RAIDA protocol, CloudCoin is the first one to have ZERO fees and instant transaction times (Redundant Array of Independent Detection Agents).

Because CloudCoin is not built on a blockchain, it does not keep track of all transactions that are sent and received.

It can be kept offline or online in a wallet, stored as a JPEG, PDF, or Stack File, and sent as a cloud transfer, email, SMS, or even on paper.

Theoretically “ideal” global currency CloudCoin is recoverable if lost or stolen, tamper-proof, and fraud-proof.

CloudCoin is quantum-safe.

To prevent double spending, each CloudCoin has 3,200 bits of secret data that are altered when the currency is transferred.

As the value increases, CloudCoin’s fixed quantity of 16,777,216 coins can be scaled.

The RAIDA Admins have the power to decide whether to split coins (like stocks), which would result in the creation of duplicate coins that belonged to each coin’s owners in order to ensure equitable distribution and give the new coins a new serial number.

This keeps a reasonable denomination for transactions in the real world.

There is neither an increase nor a decrease in the supply. Theoretically “ideal” global currency CloudCoin is recoverable if lost or stolen, tamper-proof, and fraud-proof.

Some frequently asked questions about Cloud coin:

What is the Cloud coin price?

Per CCE, the price right now is $0.008918.

CloudCoin has dropped from its all-time high of $0.06 by 85.14%.

0 CCE is the current circulating supply.

Describe the Cloud coin.

The first cross-reality currency that can be used in-game and outside of games is called CloudCoin.

It makes use of the recently invented RAIDA counterfeit detection system (Redundant Array of Independent Detection Agents).

Owners of Cloud coin?

  1. McAlary

Chris McAlary, the CEO of Coin Cloud, the largest network of two-way digital currency kiosks in the world, is interviewed by Mike Townsend on this program.

He is a pioneer in the cryptocurrency sector, having started out as a Bitcoin miner.

How can you buy Cloud coin?

Enter “CloudCoin” into the search bar at CoinMarketCap.

Near the price chart, press the “Market” button.

You will see a comprehensive list of stores where you can buy CloudCoin in this view, along with the currencies you can use to do so. You can see the abbreviation for CloudCoin, CCE, along with another currency, under “Pairs.”

How can you raise the Cloud coins upper limit?

You will have a few options after entering your phone number and verification code:

Increase Limits, Buy Bitcoin, Sell Bitcoin, and Sell Altcoins.

You will be given the choice to raise your transaction limits to $10,000 or $25,000 per day when you select “Increase Limits.”

Also Bitcoin can be sent from Coin Cloud. You can either hit the QR code icon and scan the recipient’s wallet’s QR code, or you can paste the wallet address into the space provided.

You will be given a keypad to input the desired quantity of BTC after entering the recipient’s Bitcoin address.

How long does it take for Cloud coin to sell?

In addition, there will be the multi-level confirmation procedure, which typically takes 30 to 60 minutes (three to six blockchain confirmations, each lasting roughly 10 minutes, barring network sluggishness or other delays to your transaction).

Is ID required for Cloud coin?

ATMs for digital currency (DCMs)The Coin Cloud Wallet app is also usable without a photo ID.

Increase your limits at the machine fast and easily if you want to transact more than the threshold permits. You will then need to present your ID.

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