September 24, 2023
bitboy crypto

All about Bitboy Crypto : Founder, Net worth

About Bitboy Crypto

Bitboy crypto is a youtube channel founded in January 2018 by Ben Armstrong. Ben Armstrong also runs a website regarding crypto news stories and inquiries.

He is a cryptocurrency investor and has done numerous projects in the crypto space consisting of ICO advising, product development and information. Ben’s net worth is around $28 million.

BitBoy Crypto News is a website dedicated to educating & informing the public on cryptocurrency. has exclusive stories on the latest in crypto news. In addition, a Twitter account (@Bitboycrypto) is used to publish information and news articles.

It also includes a blog, charts and exclusive content on Bitcoin & cryptocurrency. The website was founded by Ben Armstrong in 2018 and is updated daily with cryptocurrency news, technical analysis and financial advice from Ben Armstrong.

Ben Armstrong shows and reviews cryptocurrency news stories on youtube. He also answers questions from viewers on his youtube channel’s ask system. Ben uses the donations to pay his bills and services. There is no job or relevance of income from this channel.

All of his content on this channel comes from his knowledge and research. He is not a paid consultant, an expert or an analyst.

Early Life of Ben Armstrong

Ben was born on 27 October 1982 in Los Angeles, United States. Ben Armstrong bitboy was from a middle-class family, and he studied in a local school. He was a lover of technology, and he did his studies in computer software—Ben graduated from the University of Southern California in 2004.

Ben was keen on his studies, and it was at that time that he first heard about cryptocurrency. He got immense knowledge about bitcoin and other currencies at that time, and this helped him gain deep insights into how these currencies worked. Ben started learning more about cryptocurrency but later created his own Youtube channel in January 2018, where he talked about cryptocurrency news, technical analysis and altcoins.

His extraordinary knowledge of cryptocurrency helped him gain immense popularity in the media and the general public. His life changed after he uploaded his first video on YouTube, where he talked of cryptocurrency and its development. He wanted to educate the public about how this technology had changed the lives of many people worldwide since its inception. His channel gained enormous popularity, and there was a sudden surge in traffic on his channel. Within a short period, he reached more than 1 million subscribers.

Bitboy Crypto Analysis

Bitboy Crypto gives short and reasonable insights into the cryptocurrency market. Most of the videos on this channel are about the current happenings in the crypto world. It tells about people and organizations dedicated to making cryptocurrency popular and common for people who are not aware of it yet.

Bitboy crypto is a youtube channel founded in January 2018 by Ben Armstrong. Ben Armstrong also runs a website regarding crypto news stories and inquiries.

Ben Armstrong gives a short introduction to the cryptocurrency world. He talks of what you need to know about the crypto world. He provides good insights on how people can use it for their benefit. Find more about cryptocurrency and how to transact with it in this channel video.

Bitboy Youtube Channel

The following are some examples of videos that Bitboy Crypto has made on his YouTube channel.

1. Bitboy Crypto explains the recent burst in Bitcoin -and why ‘FUD’ does not matter

2. Bitboy Crypto explains the importance of BTC as a store of wealth and advocates for greater adoption as an investment asset class.

3. Bitboy crypto indicates that Bitcoin will likely exceed $100k per coin in the next few years.

4. Bitboy Crypto on “HODLing” and why you should consider this strategy yourself (Bitcoin)

5. Bitboy crypto on “investing” in Bitcoin and how to buy them (Bitcoin)

6. Bitboy crypto on the differences between BTC, BCH and LTC (Bitcoin Cash)

7. Bitboy crypto explains the concept of a “DARK POINT” in Bitcoin as it relates to a crash in value (Bitcoin)

8. Bitboy crypto on the possibility of BTC reaching $100k by 2020 (Bitcoin)

9. Bitboy crypto explains the importance of understanding technical analysis for cryptocurrency investing (Bitcoin)

10. Bitboy crypto on “IPO” and why an ICO is a bad investment idea (Bitcoin) Website

The website aims to provide information on cryptocurrency and its uses. The website is updated daily and offers good insights on altcoins, where to buy them and how one can transact with them.

Several articles are published on the website designed for newbies who are not aware of cryptocurrency yet. It talks about the volatility of cryptocurrency and how it can make you rich within a few hours, which is not valid. It explains the importance of crypto to many people’s lives these days.

The website has essential information that can help you learn how to deal with cryptocurrency safely. It also talks about regulations, history and use of cryptocurrency, stating that it is the future. Most importantly, it has guides that contain links to popular sites where you can buy and sell cryptocurrency.

Ben Armstrong’s Social Media Handles

Instagram: bitboy_crypto
Facebook: BitBoyCrypto
Twitter: Bitboy_Crypto
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