September 26, 2023
Alex Kruger

Alex Kruger Crypto Expert

Alex Kruger is an Economist, Technical analyst, Crypto expert, and Founder of Aike Capital. He co-founded and managed successful private equity funds. He has held senior positions in research, fund management, private equity, and business development since the early 2000s.

Brian Kelly from CNBC and Barry Ritholtz from Bloomberg are two of the biggest names in finance who have praised Alex’s work. Alex is also a regular on CNBC, Bloomberg, Fox Business News, and talkRADIO, where he discusses various financial markets and crypto-related topics.

As an Economist and Founder of Aike Capital and the Silver Bullion Investment Trust, Alex oversees research and reviews of the precious metals sector and writes an industry-specific newsletter. Besides this, Alex has a daily publication, Aike Capital Daily, and a weekly research service, The Gold Report, in more than 150 countries worldwide.

Founder of Aike Capital

Alex is a crypto expert, often seen on Bloomberg and CNBC, and daily hosts the #1 crypto podcast – called the JCN Podcast.

Alex is also the Founder of Aike Capital – a multi-strategy investment fund focusing on cryptocurrency. He is a well-respected trader who exposes scams and provides support to those new to crypto. Alex, and his team, provide free research on their website.

Aike Capital first started trading in crypto in 2014 when BTC sat at $300. Since then, Aike Capital has built up $20 million in crypto-assets and provides research to thousands of clients every month. Aike Capital is consistently ranked as one of the top crypto funds.

Alex has been quoted in more than 200 media outlets and interviewed by CNBC, Reuters, CNN, Bloomberg, and NPR. He is considered an expert on crypto and a subject matter expert in the precious metals sector.

Aike Capital provides the following services:

1. Research & Analysis of Crypto Assets

2. Analysis of precious metals and Precious Metals related investments (Gold, Silver, Mining)

3. ICO and Blockchain information

4. Support for clients

5. Fund Management and Investment Funds

Alex Kruger Education

Alex complete his BS in Economics from Universidad Torcuato di Tella in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He also holds an MBA degree in Finance from Columbia University in New York City. He also studied at Universidad del CEMA.

Alex has developed a system to help traders and investors make informed decisions using fundamental and technical analysis. He believes Bitcoin is a legitimate form of money and that people should have the option to use it for the store of wealth purposes.

Alex Kruger Career

Alex started his career as an Economist at the Ministry of Economy in 2000. He also worked at Noboa Group from 2003-to 2010 as a Director of company development, investor relations, and corporate strategy. Alex was also an adviser to the Minister of Economy.

He also worked in HSBC Bank as an Institutional trader from 2011 to 2013 and a global analyst in the precious metals sector.

Alex is currently the Founder and CEO of Aike Capital – a multi-strategy hedge fund focusing on investing in crypto assets. Aikecapital manages $20 million in its crypto portfolio and other investments.

Aike Capital has been widely praised for its research into the precious metals sector and its daily newsletter.

Aike Capital Research & Analysis

Some of the main areas of research covered include crude oil, natural gas, agricultural commodities, power and energy, precious metals, and metals (precious metals). Alex writes two investment newsletters on Bitcoin and precious metals.

He has a daily publication called Aike Capital Daily, and every week, The Gold Report is sent to subscribers. Alex also provides analysis on his website,, one of the top sites for crypto news and market data.

Alex Kruger Twitter

Alex’s Twitter is here:

Alex Kruger is very active on Twitter and has 125k followers. He interacts directly with his followers daily. Below is one of his latest tweets that shows his engagement with his followers.

alex kruger

Alex Kruger is a true crypto expert and one of the most respected names in Crypto related asset management. He has a huge following on Twitter, and I strongly recommend subscribing to his daily crypto publication – Aike Capital Daily.

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